Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's clearly time for a Harry Potter reading marathon!

I am tired today because I decided it would be a good idea to stay up until 1am last night reading Harry Potter. This is yet another example of my inability to behave like a responsible adult. You can add it to the growing list: Lauren and my excessive shopping and consumption of Mint Juleps, Jess and I driving 2 hours to Portland to go shoe shopping instead of cleaning house the before having our entire family over for father's day (we had to stay up until 1am to get the house grandmother appropriate), Lauren and I staying up until 3am talking when she was supposed to catch a 5am train, hours of watching Frasier and Cheers instead more productive activities such as reading, and now late nights of Harry Potter. And I warn you, this is only the beginning as I am reading book one.

I blame this behavior on Mr. P being gone. He has very little tolerance for above behaviors, particularly, staying up until all hours of the night reading Harry Potter. Actually, Mr. P has a very strong aversion to Harry Potter, period. This stems from his deep seeded resentment and anger at Harry for having the same name as him. I have tried to point out the lack of logic in these feelings and even kindly offered to loan Mr. P my vast collection of Harry Potter books so he could realize the priceless value and truths held in them. As I philosophy major I would think Mr. P would value the deep insights into good and evil portrayed in the books. However, all of my efforts have been fruitless and Mr. P continues to harbor a bad attitude toward Harry Potter. This is one instance where he probably would prefer to be away at OCS then at home. Jess and I are both re-reading the books in preparation of the 6th movie which comes out in a few weeks and we fully intend to go see at the midnight release showing never mind that it’s a Wednesday night.
On a different note. Here are the beautiful new shoes bought at the Nordstom Rack during our Portland Shopping trip. Only I got them in pink but I couldn't find a picture of them in pink.

Mrs. P


  1. Glad I ran across your blog today. Have a good one:)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad you liked it! Love those shoes, by the way. I wonder if I have room in my suitcase...