Thursday, July 2, 2009

His Plans

This morning I was reading 1 Samuel, where the Israelites ask God for a king. He warns them about the misery a king will bring them but they ignore him and demand one anyway. I was familiar with the story but this morning it really suck with me. I don't want to be those Israelites who ignore Gods plans for them and proceed with their own. I think this is such an important lesson for all of us as Christians.

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about how wonderful last summer was for Mr. P and I. After our wonderful honeymoon we came back and moved in together, set up house, went to baseball games with our friends, went camping and to the cabin, went to Johnson’s Farm to buy vegetables and cooked delicious food. And I can't help but thinking that if it wasn't for our change of plans abandoning our original plan and following Mr. P’s instinct to join the Marine Corp that’s how this summer would be as well. But reading this story in 1 Samuel reminds me that was my plan not Gods and for whatever reason the Marine Corp seems to be very clearly God’s plan for us. I don't want my plan I want God's because I know that God's plan is greater than anything I could ever plan.

I know that this time apart from Mr. P is good for both of us. And it serves some purpose of God's, an end we can't know now but inevitably will be good because it's His plan. I know that I am learning how to be alone. I am preparing for deployments to come. I am able to spend lots of time with friends and family that I will soon be leaving. I thank God for the opportunity to live with my sister, spend so much time with my wonderful mother and go to baseball games with my friends. I am learning how to enjoy life without Mr. P here, which is important because I'm going to have to be away for him for much longer than a summer and I need to be able to handle that.

I am very excited for the end of the work day today because it’s my Friday! Office is closed tomorrow for the holiday weekend. And I’m going to the Em’s game with a bunch of friends for “Thirsty Thursday” which is cheap beer night. I have every intention of eating a corn dog for dinner and beating the forecasted 95 degree high with cold beer.

Then Friday is my much anticipated “Me Day”. An entire day where I have no plans, no where I have to go, no one I have to see. I am going to clean house, do laundry, file paperwork that is stacking up everywhere and lay by the pool reading Harry Potter and get ready for tons of family fun on the 4th. While I am sad to spend it without Mr. P, I am looking forward to it. The 4th has always been a pretty big deal in our family. There is always a huge family get together on my Mom’s side of the family at my Grandmother’s place which is on a creek with the perfect swimming hole. I am really excited for a day of swimming, sun bathing, 4th of July food and seeing all of my many many cousins. There is even a new baby that I haven’t seen yet. Happy 4th of July to everyone out there! What are you doing to celebrate this great American holiday?

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  1. Laura, your posts have been amazing as of late. You're so witty & it's comin' out, it's comin' OUT!
    Baseball games sound so much fun & AJ & I have been wanting to go. Is there a schedule you could refer me to?
    How was your Fourth? We went to Harrisburg for a conservative :) and long parade & then walked along the riverfront, pausing to eat hotdogs & an elephant ear. There were booths set up along the river for the holiday & it was a fun excursion. In the evening we had dinner with some friends from church & then saw fireworks over a lake. AJ hasn't seen fireworks on the Fourth for three years, so it was about time for him!