Monday, July 13, 2009

Welcome Home Mr. P!

We picked up Mr. P from the air port on Friday. It was so wonderful to see him, touch him, and know that he is home. I know he was only gone 6 weeks and that so many women have to be away from their husbands for 7 month, 1 year and 14 month deployments but oh my gosh I missed him so much! He looks a little different, like a Marine. I suppose it's mostly the hair, but he also seems to carry himself a little differently. Since he's been home he has spent most of his time eating and sleeping:) He's on crutches so there isn't a lot he can do. I left him this morning with a stack of books, movies and a lot of snacks. He will probably be on crutches for at least 3 weeks maybe longer. If anyone has good ideas of how to keep him entertained please send them my way. I foresee him getting very bored pretty soon.

On another note, here are fun photos from Lauren's Bridal shower. They were taken by Kate Yates, one of the other bridesmaids. Enjoy!

Mrs. P

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  1. So glad you have your Mr. P back!!! The pictures from the bridal shower look amazing! They should be featured in a magazine, I think. :)