Friday, May 31, 2013

mid century preoccupation's been awhile since I wrote on my blog. Partially it's because work has been crazy but mostly it's because we've been house shopping!!! And I've been spending all my free time pouring over the RMLS and not writing on my blog or reading other blogs.

We didn't necessarily plan to be house shopping now but through a serious of events we are.We were on a 2-3 year plan. Pay off law school loans over next 2-3 years then sell our house and find our next house which we hope to be our long term raise our family in home. But over the past 6 months we've been getting the itch. All of my student loans are paid off and a chunk of Chris', interest rates are really low and the market for houses like ours (starter homes) is moving really fast. Then last month a house with the same floor plan as ours down the street went on the market and was pending in 2 days! So we started to dabble. I spent about a week pouring over the RMLS before we talked to our Realtor (who we adore) and decided to go get pre-qualified. Then we started looking at houses. It's so freaking fun to house hunt! I love it.

We've decided that we want a mid-century modern in a walk-able neighborhood in one of 5 neighborhoods in Eugene. This narrows our search quite a bit. We've seen a few houses we like, one we really like, and we are going to see some more. It's so interesting house hunting this time around versus last time around. When we bought our first house their were so few options in our price range that the decision seemed so easy. We didn't even really have a choice of neighborhoods because so many of the neighborhoods we really liked we just couldn't afford. This time around there are so many choices and several scenarios could be equally appealing.Also last time around we were so impatient and stressed about the process. This time we are both completely relaxed and low key about it. We know we'll find something and we really aren't in a hurry to rush into anything. Plus we know this may be a really long term house for us so we want it to be the right decision. And as I said we are set on a mid-century modern so that narrows our scope quite a bit.

So here's to a weekend of house hunting and hopefully lots of showings of our house (which went on the market yesterday).

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