Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June Photo a Day

Given the drizzle around here it's hard to believe that July has arrived. But alas it has. So here, once again is our month in random snap shots.
 Morning starting with a messy desk
 My-le sigh-empty coffee
 Thai steak salad is on my plate
 A close-up
 The wrap city sign and my new favorite lunch on the go
 Someone doesn't want to wear their hat
I drink tea in the morning
 eating cereal with fresh farmers market strawberries at 6am
 my view today as I cean out the fridge
 Feeding Margot was the best part of my weekend
 our red front door
 future BFF Margot and Rose taken from a low angle
 $3 art (?) from St. Vincent de Paul completes our gallery wall
 Time for beer at Falling sky brewery
 sweet yellow corn and basil barly rissotto for dinner
 out & about in downtown Eugene
 A lot of stuff fits into my bag
 imperfect yard featuring weeds in my planter
 A favorite photo featuring a very tiny 5.9lb Margot
 A very big Margot making funny faces where I slept
 From the high angle of Chris upper story office window Chris and Margot talk business
 Margot's spoon in motion
 bacon chedder grits are on my mind
something cute
 playing on a soft blanket in our front yard
making the most yummy ceviche with a friend

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