Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer fun

We are having such a great summer so far. Last summer just seemed to drag on and on. I think this is mostly because I was pregnant, hot and emotional, not really the best combination for summer fun. This summer is just great and here's why:

1. It's light longer allowing Chris and I to sit outside and enjoy our front porch in the evenings after Miss Margot pants goes to bed

2. It's so fun to take Margot outside to play. She is interested in everything and is so aware she's in a new environment. We often walk around the yard in the evenings looking at the different flowers

3. We have yummy yummy blueberries.

4. Kiddy pools are AMAZING. Seriously, my Mom got one big enough for several adults to sit in along with miss Margot. So refreshing after a long hot sticky day.

5. Summer clothes are so stinking cute on babies. Hello rompers, baubles, dresses and sun cute.

6. I love the smell of baby sun block.

7. We are eating fresh summer produce every night.

8. Chris is really enjoying his new job and we all seem to managing the work load well.

9. Despite our little house getting very toasty by the days end Margot continues to pretty much sleep through the night.

10. I'm not fat and pregnant which generally is an improvement for me. My summer clothes fit and I am so much more comfortable than I was last summer.

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