Thursday, June 28, 2012

Strange Fascinations

One of the great things about blogs is seeing ordinary everyday life. I love it when my favorite bloggers show us their house, inside their bag, make up bag, closet etc. Perhaps it's a strange fascination. Or more likely it has to do with my incurable type A obsession with organizing and a vain hope that someone has a secret to a gorgeous, perfectly organized closet besides space and money. Le sigh...Anyway, in this vein and because this was a photo of the day prompt last week here is my bag...I go back and forth between carrying a diaper bag (on weekends) and my work bag during the week. On the occasion I go somewhere besides work sans baby I switch to a purse but for the day to day office grind I use this oversized purse/briefcase so I can carry everything from my wallet and lip gloss to files, lap top, and pad folio.
The bag itself is from Target on sale for $29.99. And inside:

mechanical pencil and a pen
reading glasses
bag of "lady things"
lip gloss
red lip tint
lip stick
water bottle
sun glasses
business cards
flash drive
bill I need to pay
Erin Condren life planner
work file for campaign I am working on that I have been taking home to work on at night
yogurt, my mid-morning snack
leftovers for lunch
empty bottles for pumping
3 broken watches to take to the jewelry store to be repaired
pump parts

What is in your bag?

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