Monday, July 23, 2012

monday mish mash

I had a wonderful weekend. My lovely sister and I took Miss Margot pants up to Portland and went shopping. We left Friday afternoon, took Margot on a little shopping trip before heading to our Aunt and Uncles for wonderful dinner. Margot loves to shop. It was as if she knew that the Gap was a wonderful place. She was happy, squealed with delight and flapped her arms around. It didn't hurt that there was a giant mirror in the dressing room that she got to look at herself in. Saturday we left Margot at my in-laws and headed into downtown Portland for the Nordstrom's Anniversary sale. Nordstrom's is wonderful...the end. Chris joined us Saturday evening and we stayed another night at his parents house. It was great for everyone, I got to go shopping, Margot got lots of extra love from everyone, we got to see my Aunt and Uncle and Chris' parents, it was a nice weekend for all.

It's good that I had such a nice weekend because work this week is INSANE. I'm also organizing a fundraising benefit that happens this weekend and between the two I'm feeling a little batty. I keep remembering random little details I need to take care of at times in which I can't stop to do them or write them down.

Last night on our way back into town we stopped at the market and among other things bought haagen-daz ice cream. Usually we just buy Tillamook or Umpqua but the haagen-daz was on sale and oh my goodness it was amazing. Seriously it was the best ice-cream I have ever had.

Because we were gone all weekend I failed to make a menu for the week. I think we are winging it. Every once and a while I kind of like a week with no menu. It encourages a certain amount of creativity at meal time. However it's only good in very short doses otherwise chaos ensues.

This weekend is my family camping trip. Sadly we are not going. As much as this decision pains me we know it would completely throw off Miss Margot's bedtime routine and we would all pay very dearly (with many many tears) upon our return. So until next year no camping for me. Le sigh...

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  1. We are going camping this weekend! We took Georgia around this age when we were tent camping. That was the time noisy campers learned not to mess with my Kids sleep. This time I'm more worried Grayson will have the rest of us up at 5:30.