Thursday, July 26, 2012

not so exciting

From time to time Chris reads my blog. The other day he commented that my blog makes our life look much more exciting and interesting than it actually is. I don't think this is the case. However, just in case someone out there reading this has that impression, allow me to enlighten you with some examples of just how not exciting our life is.

  • We haven't been on a vacation in over a year since we spent a long weekend at the coast with Chris' parents last July
  • With the exception of our occasional date night, or having to work late, we spend every evening the same: dinner at 7pm, followed by bath and baby bedtime at 8, then we are in our PJ's on the couch watching TV or reading from 8-10
  • we always go to bed between 9-10
  • date nights, which happen once every two months, are pretty much always going out to dinner
  • occasionally we mix things up a bit and get a movie from Red box, however this usually ends with us not liking the movie and having a 30 minute conversation about the lack of good movies made these days
  • we fill our weekends with your basic things: errands, trips to target, grocery shopping, play dates in the park, church, not enough house cleaning, not enough yard work, occasionally we go out to lunch after church
  • most of our entertainment is found from Margot
  • some other forms of entertainment we enjoy: NPR, The Colbert Report, The office, anything Aaron Sorkin wrote, Frasier, the Cosby show, History detectives, Myth Busters, Ally McBeal and old country gospel
  • you know how some people are always discovering new and interesting things? like my sister is always finding new music, and my cousin always finds new decorating blogs etc. We are not those people, usually the general public is already half bored before we catch on
Now none of this is meant to be a complaint. We are very happy with our life and generally we are too tired to care if things are a little boring. Although I wouldn't turn down a good vacation.....

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