Thursday, April 1, 2010

Summer time

Now that Spring is finally among us we can all start thinking about summer. This summer will bring some big news and big changes us. Mr. P graduates law school in May and takes the bar exam in July. I may have some big changes on the job front, more on that later. But perhaps most excitingly we are planning some internation travel as Chris likes to say. We are planning a trip to South America after Mr. P takes his bar exam at the end of July. Details are still in the works but its looking like we will go to Colombia and Brazil. This means of course that I need to start planning my summer travel wardrobe.

Most important is a swim suit. I am so in love with this classic piece at Lands End Canvas. Only with the hertitage hipster bottom instead.
Perfect for the beach in Rio de Janeiro with this tote.
Some other looks I am loving from Lands End Canvas right now.
I have to say I am extremely impressed with this store. It is such a great collection of essential classic pieces and cute summer trends at half the price as J Crew. Also the models are not sickly looking twigs unlike some catalogs.
Do you have any big travel plans for the summer? what travel fashion staples would you recommend?


  1. Such cute picks Laura! I just ordered a few items from Lands End Canvas too! Just a word of advice, if you're on the fence on what size to buy, go for the smaller size, especially if it is XS, S, etc. :) Rio de Janeiro, how fabulous is that? We're going to Playa del Carmen in July and I CAN'T WAIT! XOXO Happy weekend to you!!

  2. ooh I love that store too! I hope the quality is as good as the selection.

  3. What wonderful news, Laura! I'm curious: why Colombia and Brazil? And do you have any idea where you'll be going, once there? Brazil is a big place! How long do you expect to be gone? You and Chris deserve a great getaway.

  4. YAY! I didn't know you were going to Brazil too, how fun! That bikini is really cute and will look awesome on you, I love the navy and white. Happy Easter!