Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beans, weenies and boys

The year after I graduated from college I lived across the street from Mr. P and his roommate Orren. I lived in a cute little apartment in a gorgeous old building built in the 20s. They lived in a Salmon and turquoise colored monstrosity called the Ming Tree. Over the course of that year we befriended Taylor who lived across the hall and Pat who lived in the building next door. At some point during that year, Ryan, Mr. P's best friend, returned from Japan and lived on their couch for some time. During this year Lauren was in Europe and the rest of my friends had left Eugene after college. I spent most of my time with all these boys.

Usually I cooked dinner for the crowd over at their house because they had a big kitchen. Often Ryan cooked with me and we would attempt to recreate recipes he'd learned in Japan. The other boys were 1L's so they just studied. But sometimes Taylor would bring over his famous beans and weenies. We'd gather various alcohol, beer, Meade, whatever and Taylor would cross the hall with a big pan of hot and spicy beans and weenies. They were never exactly the same but there was a general concept, canned beans, Hebrew National beef franks, lots of hot sauce, ketchup and pomegranate molasses.

Our friend Pat, who has replaced Mr. P in the bachelor pad when we got married has decided it's time to revive the beans and weenies traditions (Taylor is in Europe). And so he brings us Beans and WEenies 2010, The cook off.

That's right my friends. I will be participating in a beans and weenies cook off and I will win. My husband is also participating in the cook off. He will not win. He is very comically thinks he stands a chance at beating me. So funny Mr. P. Anyway, I need ideas, family secrets, random notions, send them my way. The only rules are they must have beans and weenies.


  1. Good luck! You'll show those boys how it's done :)

  2. I love this story! And I agree, you'll probably win. Hebrew Nationals are amazing! Trader Joe's has a bean salad in a can with chick peas, red kidney beans, lemon, herbs, vinegar & it's good. Also check out Martha Stewart's cold lentil salad recipe for ideas: http://www.wholeliving.com/recipe/cold-lentil-salad

  3. You totally have this. You can use condiments and herbs and spices these boys never dreamed of!

  4. Oh the Ming Tree and all of its glory! This is such a wonderful post, I must be hungry because beans and weenies is sounding mighty fine. You are going to rock the contest, gourmet route or classic mom style you are going to win!