Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter and an odd tradition

I love Easter. I love how it is really more of a season beginning with Ash Wednesday and the season of Lent, then followed by Palm Sunday and Holy week, and finally Easter is here and it is truly a day of celebration. Unfortunately we had a very wet and rainy Easter. Tights were in order and soft spring skirts were not going to fly in the torrential down pour. Despite the weather it was a wonderful day. After church we had a pot luck brunch which was filled with wonderful food. The highlight was Gary Lane's delicious roast lamb. Amazing!

After brunch we went to my parents house to visit with my family and participate in our annual Easter egg hunt. My little sister had done her egg hunt in the morning before church so it was just us older kids. Given that fact my Dad decided to create the hardest egg hunt known to man. Seriously it took us 40 minutes to find our eggs. There were 4 of us and we each had 6 eggs to find, one of each color. The hunt was limited to the bonus room. The most ridiculous hiding place was underneath the slip cover of the arm chair. He also had them inside the spines of his work notebooks, behind storage boxes on the book shelf, wedged under the furniture in the corner where you can't see it if you lay on the floor and look underneath. Ridiculous! And the entire time we were tearing the room apart looking for our eggs he was sitting on the couch smirking he was so proud of himself. However, it was worth all the work because our eggs were not filled with candy but rather money. So our efforts were rewarded with a little spending money.

After our egg hunt we went home to put the finishing touches on our own Easter dinner with friends. When you get married you have to find the balance of participating in existing family traditions and creating your own traditions. Easter is where we have really branched out and created our own, albeit strange, traditions. Rather than participating in our family Easter dinner we have one at our house with our friends from church. We have a big dinner party featuring Easter Bunny Stew. I know, strange. It all started last year when our friend Eric mentioned an old girlfriends mother used to make Easter Bunny Stew and it was delicious. We all got to talking and somehow the conversation turned to the commercial appropriation of Easter and so on. We then decided to make Easter Bunny stew on Easter as a response to the commercial appropriation of Easter. Last year was are first attempt and it was a huge hit. We made French rabbit stew with red wine and potatoes. It was so yummy. We had all the young adults from church over and it was a wonderful party. So now its the Easter tradition. This year I decided to make an Italian stewed rabbit and again it was delicious. We served it with good crusty bread from a local bakery and a simple salad.

How was your Easter? What new traditions have you started as a family?

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  1. It sounds like your Easter was a lot of fun! Ours was very laid back. We did lunch with my mom and my sister, and then did dinner at my husband's house with his parents. It was so nice.

    I saw your comment and I would welcome any recipes that you would like to pass on! We are loving this diet, and it is really easy so far. Thanks for offering! If you feel so led, you can just email them to me at