Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My boots and I had a Fabulous Weekend

Lately I have been craving pickled beets. I acknowledge that this is a little bit weird. However before you judge, have you ever had homemade pickled beets? If not I highly recommend you call a some one's Grandmother and see about getting some.

I had a blast shopping in Portland with Lauren this weekend. We both took the plunge and got leggings. We also hit the J. Crew final sale and found some wonderful things with ruffles.

While I was in Portland Mr. P and I visited an amazing church, Imago Dei. If you read Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller, the this is the Church the author talks about.

Mr. P returns from his hiatus in Portland on Thursday.

I am fixing steak in his honor.

This is because I am a very nice wife even if I do put my cold feet on him in bed.

My feet have been consistently cold while he has been away.

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  1. So many things to note on in this blog! Pickled beets, no haven't had them, but they've been mentioned frequently in my life, my mom has made them & was eating them over break, but I didn't get a chance to sample. Imago Dei! Yes, been there once, & liked it. I enjoy the atmosphere of the old school theatre (if that's where it still is). Speaking of D. Miller, his new book is GREAT! Book club recommendation! And God bless you & your cold feet! :)