Monday, January 25, 2010

Minor Addiction

Have you seen this show?

I had been wanting to watch it for some time and so I finally checked the first season out from the library. And I love it.

My sister and I may have stayed up until 2:45 AM Sunday morning watching it. In our defense we meant to go to bed at midnight but then there was a cliff hanger, and then another, and you get the idea. We blame Rob Lowe. He's so dreamy. And all the fun politics. We are political junkies. We not only have seen the entire series of the West Wing but we own some of it. It also has Rob Lowe.


  1. Hi! Thanks for coming by my blog and writing a little note!! I am just loving The Help. The characters are just so wonderfully developed.

    Anyway, looking forward to reading your blog.

    And, my sister and I had this same experience with the first season of The OC. Oh my goodness, we couldn't stop watching!!

  2. I'd seen this show on tv sporadically over the first few seasons, but it was on at a time that I never had time to watch tv. Just recently I started to watch it on Hulu and I totally agree-- its addictive!

    I see that you are reading Molly Wizenberg's book-- how are you liking it? She just started doing a podcast with a friend of hers and their first topic was fried eggs. I haven't listened to the second one, but I see that there is one.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning!