Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Entertaining Misadventures

Like many newlyweds I like to entertain. I love the chance to use all my matching dishes, serve ware, stemware and so on. I like to get out table clothes, candle sticks and dessert plates. And I love to use my gorgeous cake stands.

Aren't they pretty. Anyway, last night was my night to host book club. It's a small book club so I was only expecting 5-6 people. However, when I left for work yesterday my house was rather messy, I had no idea what was for dinner or what snacks to make for book club. Luckily I was able to get out of work a bit early so I had a little more time to pick up and get ready. My sister sweetly brought me home a smoothie from Jamba Juice and so by 5pm my smoothie, Dolly Parton and I were cleaning away.

Then everything just seemed to go wrong. My sister decided to make popcorn for a snack. Somehow the popcorn exploded in the microwave and burned horribly. So at 5:30 I was doing dishes, while starting dinner, and the kitchen reeked of burnt popcorn and I started to feel very overwhelmed. You know that doing to many things at once, with too much noise (or in this case odor) and too many people in your kitchen at one time feeling. So I stopped to drink some more of my Jamba Juice only to realize that there was something green on the inside of the lid. I opened the lid and was horrified to see the inside of my cup was lined with green film. So gross. Jess and I couldn't figure out what could have turned my smoothie green. I was so grossed out. Then in the process of dumping the gross smoothie out I managed to get smoothie all over the kitchen. It was ridiculous.

Long story short all was well in the end. I finished dinner, we ate, I made some cookies and did dishes and tea and cookies were beautifully on display by 7pm with no green soothie evidence in sight. Thankfully the warm fresh cookies smell overpowered the gross burnt popcorn smell. Do you ever have these problems? Please tell me I am not alone.


  1. No way, you're not alone. Our kitchen's only comfortably large enough for one, so I know your feeling! How was book club? Have you selected a new one for February?

  2. Great blog! Thank you for stopping by mine.

    Oh yes, I have moments like this! I'm glad it worked out though :)

  3. Ask Judy or Will about the Caesar Salad Incident sometime. It's hilarious now, but then it must have been heartbreaking!

    BTW, Thanks for hosting last night,Laura. If you hadn't mentioned the Popcorn Explosion here, I never would have known...I couldn't detect any burnt odors by the time I arrived. And who would have guessed you were overwhelmed? You are one cool hostess, lady! :D

  4. Congrats on pulling it together! Love those cake stands!

  5. You are definitely not alone! However I must admit that you handled it MUCH better than I would have.

  6. I love the cake stands... where did you find them?

    And yes.. I have lots of days like your Book Club Day. Hang in there!

  7. Looove the cake stands! Consider me a new reader too! ;)