Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Clothes

A while ago I wrote about the disaster that is my wardrobe/closet. A few weeks ago I finally spent a day with my closet. I cleaned and organized, I did laundry and Ironing, I played with outfits and I sorted out old things. Afterwards I was feeling a bit better about my options. I made mental notes of what I needed and what I wanted. This weekend I finally took all that knowledge and my birthday gift card to the Gap for some fall shopping. I determined I needed a nice pair of jeans that would cut it for a casual Friday or an evening out, some shirts that I could wear under a suit jacket but also out on a Friday night, some blouses for work, more black tops and some long sleeve shirts for weekends. Here's what I came home with:

This is perfect for work with slacks but it's also really comfy and will be great on a Saturday with skinny jeans and flats

This shirt I love. It's really comfortable and great for going out but it also looks really nice with my black pants suit. I wore it yesterday for an important meeting and loved it!

I got this shirt in both black and fuchsia. It's really comfy but looks nice. It's another one I can wear under a suit or with jeans.

This shirt was so comfy I got it in fuchsia stripes and tan stripes.

I love this sweater both for work and home.

I also got a nice pair of really dark denim trouser jeans. Best of all everything I got was on sale. All the shirts were less than $20 and the jeans were 50% off! New clothes make Monday morning so much brighter!


  1. Great finds! I need to shop where you shop! :)

  2. Super cute! I am jealous. Actually, finally I think my wardrobe looks somewhat good maybe I am getting a hang on how to shop and dress. By the way I blogged! Check it out and keep checking this week- when I sat down to write I realized I have lots of ideas of what to blog about.

  3. Very nice, versatile choices! Thanks for the peanut butter & jelly bar to take home. AJ loved it. I'm thinking you should share your recipe & continue blogging along about this peanut butter craze theme...