Saturday, October 17, 2009

Soup and Pumpkin Carving=Fall

I neglected my blog this week. Work got insanely busy. At Potter Place we have continued to eat from our turkey. Since our turkey dinner we've had two other dinners from the turkey. First, this Delicious turkey chili with black beans and corn. The original recipe is made with chicken but it was great with turkey.

I substituted chicken broth for my homemade turkey broth. I also added green peppers to the chili because we have a ton from my mom's garden and I added a lot more corn, again because we have a ton.

I also made wild rice salad with turkey which was also really good but I didn't take a picture. The wild rice salad is a Paula Deen recipe and I just added the cooked turkey to make it a meal.
Today is our annual pumpkin carving party. We have one every year, it's a lot of fun. My grandfather brings pumpkins from his pumpkin patch. Right now my patio is a miniature pumpkin patch with 19 pumpkins on it! How we are going to get 15-20 people in our apartment carving pumpkins is beyond me but regardless it will be a riot I'm sure.

Per tradition we will have soup and pie at our pumpkin carving party. Last year we did beef stew and a South American bean and vegetable soup. This year we are doing a Roasted tomatillo and turkey stew. The original recipe is for chicken but again I'm substituting for turkey and turkey broth. This will finish off turkey meat but I will still have broth left. Then I am also making Delicious Jamie Oliver squash soup which is one of my favorite recipes. Lastly we will have blackberry, apple and blue berry pies.

And with that I shall get back to my kitchen. Have a lovely Saturday everyone!


  1. Wow, this all looks so good. Now I am sorry we missed the party, but we had a nice relaxing weekend here. I hope it was a lot of fun; I want to see pictures of the prettiest and weirdest carved pumpkins. Were you able to eat your pies?

  2. It was a blast! Thanks for being such a gracious hostess. We're on a pumpkin carving kick...I bought two yesterday to work on. :)