Friday, October 9, 2009

A Beast of A Bird

Our Pastor's wife's name is Beth. Beth is wonderful. She is a great friend and mentor and hostess and she is always giving out food! You will never leave her house without food in your hands. A few weeks ago she asked me if I could use a turkey she had in her freezer. I can always use free food, especially free meat! So the next Wednesday her daughter comes to youth group with the biggest turkey I have ever seen!!!! It's huge, it's heave, I can barely carry the thing---it's 20lbs! I left and soon realized there was no way I was going to fit this giant beast of a bird in my freezer so I called my Mom and promptly took the bird to her freezer where it has been residing ever since.

Well this weekend I am going to cook my giant turkey and I am quite excited. I have never roasted a turkey before. I'm considering this to be a great opportunity to practice my thanksgiving cooking skills. The really exciting prospect is how many other things I can make with the turkey. First I shall roast it thanksgiving style. But then what? The possibilities are endless...There is soups of course, casseroles, turkey crepes, stir fry, pasta, hash, enchiladas, turkey salad sandwiches, turkey and dumplings, and the list could go on. First I thought perhaps I would make an entire week of turkey dishes. Then Mr. P pointed out that he would do nothing but sleep all week and that may not be wise considering law school, mock trial and other responsibilities he has. Then I realized we were only one week away from our annual pumpkin carving party during which I will be feeding 15-20 people. So now we shall see...what all can I do with a giant 20lb turkey?

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  1. You forgot fried turkey! Okay, maybe not the healthiest - but unforgettable!