Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I can't remember when I last blogged. Sadly, I am neglecting my little record of life. Lately we are in a weird limbo of sorts. Waiting for our house to sell, waiting to move, waiting to quit my job and waiting to get to know our new community. Limbo is not my friend. I'm tired of it. Meanwhile we go to work, and cook and buy groceries and try to keep the house spotless for showing and play with a somewhat confused Margot.

In early February we had another massive snow and ice storm. This one brought about a foot of snow to our house and left a 1/2 layer of ice on everything. The result was hundreds of down trees, broken power lines, split poles and transformers throughout south and south east Eugene. Our power went out forcing us down the hill to seek refuge in my parents houses with plenty of heat, hot water and warm food. 

Margot however was a big fan because she got to build "the most giant snowman ever!"

Valentines day was a blast this year. Margot was totally into it. She made cookies with lots of sprinkles, made valentines for Mommy, daddy and "nammy". And she got presents! Coloring books, stickers and from nammy and grampy, The Jungle Book! On Valentines day Chris and I skipped the fancy dinner to watch the Jungle book and make spaghetti with Margot.

After Valentines Day Margot was so excited to go to her friend Lydia's birthday party. She even got wear her new pink cowboy boots for the occasion. She loves to wear them and then pretend to be a cow girl and ride her rocking moose.

The past two weeks we were all down with the worst stomach flu. But we were all healed by last weekend and were able to have some fun outside, go shopping for Nammy's birthday present and play lots of candy land.

So we'll keep waiting and working our way through limbo. Meanwhile there will be lots of fun with Margot who is talking all the time and loves to do things with Mommy and Daddy. Cooking, playing, dancing and talking about our day are all popular. And we will try to be patient, stay present but still look ahead to good things down the road. 

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  1. Yay, fun to read a new blog post! Of course the last post made me super excited because it featured me and little Victor! Keep it up with these in-between times. They can't last much longer!