Friday, March 14, 2014

The photo conundrum??? Help Please!

 Okay internet friends I need advice... I am trying to wrap my head around how to organize, store, print and catalog photos. I have something like 1000 photos from the past year on my computer and camera and I'm totally at a loss for how to deal with them.

How do you deal with photos? I think I'd like to have them sorted, weed through them and edit them all then maybe store them filed by year and month on disc and backed up on the web? maybe through picasa web albums?

I am also thinking of making a photo book for 2012 and 2013 in lieu of the traditional photo album with prints.

Margot January 2013, 14 months
Margot February 2013, 15 months

Margot and Chris, April 2013, 17 months

Then of course there is the question of the 1000+ photos on my i phone which are of course all still on my i phone. I am thinking about making magnets out of my instagram feed. Has anyone done this?

And how would you back up those?  

Thoughts? Advice? 
Margot and I Glacier National Park, July 2013, 20 months

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  1. I can't offer any advice to organizing and backing up photos, I'm afraid that's not something I have tackled! But the photobook vs traditional album is a great idea. I have done one via MyPublisher; the interface made it easy to layout the photos and I loved the quality of the final product!