Thursday, March 13, 2014

Margot says...

"I'm not a baby. I'm a little girl. My name is Margot. My nick name is Margot pants and I'm a moon pie!"

"Mama we need to pick up my kitchen because Miri dumped out my jar and it's a mess. Oh Mama you picked it up, thank you Mama, now Miri can come mess it up again!"

"I am not eating dinner. Just olives."

"Mama I like your pretty shirt with ruffles when I grow big and have boobies can I wear it?"

"I'm the Mama. I am going to work. Here is my baby you can take care of her for me while I go to work"

"Daddy is my best friend because he plays with me the best"

In response to us telling her it's time to get ready for bed and read a story, "Don't you mean two stories!"

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