Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Brain Dump

  • I am SO GLAD it's almost the weekend
  • Not only do I desperately need some Margot snuggles but my cousin and very best friend Lauren had her baby this week and we are booking it up i-5 to meet this new little guy
  • Margot is over the moon about it. She has been asking for her "baby cousin in auntie Lauren's tummy" for months now
  • Somehow though we have three social engagements between now and then, a work party I have to make an appearance at tonight, dinner with church friends afterwards, which I am so looking forward to, and a huge family party Saturday which we'll hit on the way to Seattle
  • We are all about Madeline books in our house right now
  • I made they best shepherds pie this past week and I'm still thinking about it. Clearly it needs a repeat and a blog post.
  • Happy Friday! May your weekend be fruitful and restful! 

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