Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Some days

I dropped Margot off at my Mom's around 7am this morning and I won't be able to go pick her up until 7pm this evening which basically means I won't see her today. I love my job and most days I do have time with my baby but the days I don't just really suck. I did however have a really productive work day. So it goes...I am starting to think that work life balance is a myth created to make women feel bad about themselves.

Also depressing about today my dinner sucks. It's really cold and rainy out and what I really want is a hot bowl of soup. Instead I am eating some mediocre cold Thai noodle salad from the deli, a yogurt and some bottled ice tea. Blah

On a good note I could not love my iPad more. I am even reading my book club book in iBooks and loving it. I spend so much time waiting for meetings or sitting through hours of testimony at council meetings and its so nice to have al this stuff at my fingertips. Like right now I am blogging while I wait for my turn to give testimony at tonight's meeting.

And on another happy note our office just finalized the vacation schedules for Christmas and I am taking the entire week of Christmas off. That is 9 straight days with my Margot.

Hope everyone else is home eating something yummy and hot!

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