Monday, December 31, 2012

scenes from a very happy christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas. Margot lived up to all our expectations and was in awe of Christmas and all it's beauty. On Christmas Eve we celebrated with my Mom and Step Father. After a gorgeous Christmas dinner we opened presents. Margot had been wearing a beautiful Christmas dress. But by the time presents came it was so hot in the house with all of the people and commotion that we ended up taking her clothes off.
 Margot loves her chatter phone.
 She was also in awe of her new Fancy Nancy book
 Chris and I got this beautiful Pendleton wool blanket.

And we are love with this cook book.

Back at home on Christmas morning Santa came and left Margot a rocking Moose!
And a stocking filled with treats!
We hosted Christmas brunch
 And were able to finish most of our cooking before Margot woke up to see what Santa left
While she's still getting the hang of opening presents she had no problems with the stocking!

 Margot LOVES her Noah's Ark
 We had a full and crowded house but it was well worth it
 After brunch we packed up and headed to the cabin where we were greeted by a white wonderland
 Margot needed lots of snuggle time after all that excitement
we even had a funny little tree

And my Christmas ended with a sleeping baby, new decorating books and spiked egg nog:)

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