Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Living it up

Here I am in Las Vegas. I am writing this at 6:15 am from my soft cushy king size bed. I am drinking my earl grey tea and eating chocolate biscotti. I am staying at the aria. It is nice. My husband once said that Las Vegas is Disneyland for grown ups. I thought of that this morning when I walked outside along a wall of falling water at 5:30am to get my tea. It was warm and balmy and there were lights off the strip and twinkle lights and I couldn't help but feel happy amongst this over the top manufactured beauty. Or perhaps it was simply the afterglow of a whole nights sleep after an afternoon reading chic lit by the pool while drinking a margarita:)

Long story short I am enjoying my bit of luxury. And as long as I stay in the resort avoiding the strip and walk outside to get my coffee I can almost forget that I am in Las Vegas.

I am really excited for the conference to begin today. A political conference 30 days before a tight presidential election in a swing state is bound to be good, especially for this political junkie!

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