Wednesday, October 17, 2012

warm socks and chicken soup

Well I survived Las Vegas and being away from my baby for 4 whole days. I landed in Eugene late Friday night and was greeted by fall! I was delighted to wake up to a steady drizzle and a hazy grey morning. We all bundled up and headed to the farmers market. The market was beautiful. Everywhere you looked there were signs of the changing season. Dried chilies, fresh mushrooms, pumpkins, squash, leeks, fennel, apples and pears. After filling our market basket we headed home and spent the rest of the weekend celebrating fall with roasted squash and chili risotto, braised chicken with leeks and tomatoes and the best beef stew I have ever had. Sadly the changing seasons, or perhaps the air plane, has left me sick sick sick. I have a horrid cough and head/chest cold.

When I am sick there are a few things that I MUST have or I will be a total baby. Homemade chicken soup, my hooded U of O sweater from college, and an endless supply of peppermint tea with honey. I have recently added to that list a warm sock treatment. Have you all heard of this? I learned about it last winter when I was sick. You get a pair of cotton socks wet with cold water and wring them out well. Then you soak your feet in hot water for five minutes. Dry them off and put the wet socks on. Then put a pair of 100% wool socks over the wet socks and get right in bed. Keep the socks on until morning or until both socks are completely dry. It's amazing. And it really helps you get better faster. Something about circulation. I usually don't like to wear socks and I NEVER sleep in socks but even I like this. It just makes me feel better and I think it helps you sleep better.

I stayed home sick today and thankfully my Mom came over and made me chicken soup. I made a lot of chicken soup and I like to think I'm pretty good at it. Yeah my Mom's chicken soup was so much better than mine. Usually when I make it I start by poaching a whole chicken to make broth and I use the meat from that chicken for the soup. My Mother brought homemade broth from her freezer then poached chicken breasts in the broth. The chicken soup is so good. It's all I've eaten today.

Well that's about all the thinking/typing my poor sick head can muster. I hope everyone else is enjoying the changing season sans colds. 

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  1. Sorry you are sick. Thanks fr sharing the sock idea. I will try that next time. I got sick right after we saw you at the sale. It was so bad... Haven't been that sick since Grayson was born. Then just as I was feeling better Andy got it. Luckily, the kids escaped. Hope the rest of you stay well. Yay, Fall!