Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May Photo a Day

This is a few days late. However, I am really enjoying this photo project. It's fun to look back at the random pictures we end up taking. It has become a funny record of our month.
 Peace: playing with Margot and Bernsie her elephant
 Skyline: in our neighborhood during an evening walk
 Something I wore today: grey pencil skirt, black silk blouse and cardigan
 Fun: playing in our Johnny jump up--thank you Grampa Lamb for such a nice present!
 Birds: on Margot's curtains
 Me: in one of my favorite skirts and wearing all of my pearls at once
(it was a stressfull day, I felt the need for LOTS of pearls)
 Someone who inspires me: my sister Jessica (holding miss Margot)
 A smell I love: cilantro, topping homemade chicken coconut soup
 Something I do everyday: make a to do list
 Favorite word: as an eternal optimist a word I use all of the time
 Kitchen: farmers market veggies soon to be baby food
 Something that makes me happy: making Margot's baby food
 Mum: my first mother's day
 grass: ...
 Love: Margot loves her daddy
 what I'm reading: my June book club book
 Snack: actually dinner
 something I made: pasta with peas and prosciutto
 a favorite place: Margot having a play date at one of our favorite places, the park
 something I can't live without: my little family
(even when Miss Margot is being a grumpy pants!)
 Where I stand: under this beautiful ceiling in the University Admin building where I had a meeting
 Pink: Miss Margot's fetching pink jumper!
 Technology: one of the many ways I boycott it, my paper planner
 Something new: beautiful Mother's day present
 12 o'clock: just chillin' at home
 Something sweet: Margot loves her new piano
 The weather today: and my beautiful flowers
something beautiful: Margot wearing my 1st easter dress from 1985!

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