Saturday, June 9, 2012

Then and Now

I just had the very strange experience of reading a letter I wrote to my 26 year old self at the age of 16. This appears to have been an assignment in my honors lit class. I imagine the point of this exercise was to share my aspirations for the future as well as my perspective of high school. What did I learn from my 16 year old self? I was a brat! Oh my gosh. I was actually rather mortified to read what I wrote/thought/wanted for my life. Thank God I'm no longer 16!

Here's where I wanted to be at age 26:
-married to someone rich and looks like a young Robert Redford
-living in New York City
-writing for a magazine

While I will still admit that young Robert Redford was very attractive I would so much rather be married to my own husband--thank you very much. As for New York City and writing for a magazine I can happily say that I'm very glad neither of those two aspirations came to fruition.

As much as my current life may have horrified my 16 year old self I am very happy with it. I suppose that is the real take away--I am happy to be sitting in my little 70's ranch house in west Eugene with my husband and daughter relaxing at home on a Saturday night and quietly celebrating some recent good news.

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