Friday, August 5, 2011

Things Men should never say...

to pregnant women.

I am the first to admit that being pregnant has made me more sensitive. And I will acknowledge that I get more easily offended. But seriously some of the things people say or do astound me.

In one week, in two separate business meetings, men asked if I had "a bun in the oven". I am not an oven and my baby is not a bun. And am I "hatching". Really.... Do I look like a chicken. What's wrong with "are you expecting?" In one of these meetings another man commented, in response to the hatching comment, that they had been wondering but weren't sure if it was that or the donuts. How in any possible way is this an appropriate comment to make?

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  1. I was 7 months pregnant and at the Holiday market when a guy dressed like a squirrel (?!?!?) ran up to me in the parking lot, touched my belly and asked me if I had any nuts in there. Creepy!