Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pregnancy Update: Week 22

I am 22 weeks pregnant with Margot this week. The last two weeks have been really fun for me. It's amazing what a difference feeling her move and knowing who she has made in my experience of being pregnant. I still wouldn't say I love being pregnant but I can appreciate how special this time is and I truly love feeling her move around. I can't wait until Chris can feel her too.

We have been really bad at taking pictures of me pregnant (although we are always kind of bad at taking pictures). But here are a few of me from almost two weeks ago. The first is the evening after we had the ultrasound and the second is the following weekend on top of Mt. June.

As I mentioned the other day I am starting to get a lot of comments from about my belly some less appropriate than others:)

Now we know Margot is a girl we are starting to prepare for her arrival in many ways. One really fun way has been getting out my old baby things and washing them. These adorable wool dress coats and hats were mine. They were actually hand made by my God mother and are two of my favorite pieces we have. The purple one is for around 1 year and the plaid is for around 2 years so I have a bit of a wait until Margot is big enough to wear them.

Aren't they adorable?!

My Mom has been busy washing, pressing and carefully removing stains from a number of things and I can't wait to get them all hung up in the nursery closet. We painted the dresser, have nursery wall paint, and a chandelier that is perfect for a little girls room. My Mom is working on our crib linens and as soon as the room is painted and we put up the curtain rods I'll start making curtains. Our crib is ordered and last night our cradle arrived and I couldn't have been more excited.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to have our baby sleep in our room for the first few month but not in our bed. However, figuring out what to have her sleep in was a little tricky. I wanted something right next to the bed but also something that looked nice and matched our room. When I saw this cradle I knew it was perfect. It's small enough to fit next to the bed and is really classic and charming. I love that it is on wheels and easily rocks. I was so excited when Chris parents ordered it for my birthday this week. And even though we are 4 months away from needing it my wonderful husband put it together for me right away just to make me happy. It was so fun to watch him put together something for the baby.

Isn't it pretty!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I love your wool dress coats and caps! Those are so precious. Your Godmother is talented!