Thursday, August 11, 2011

camping traditions

I love camping! Some of my favorite childhood memories were made with my Klamath Falls cousins each year at Campbell Lake. In recent years our family has been camping at Diamond Lake. I look forward to the trip each year. In fact I love it so much that we go on the weekend of my birthday and we have a little camping birthday dinner for me. It's one of the activities I'm most excited to do with my children.

Each year I look forward to hiking with my Dad and others, eating tacos and chili, swimming in the lake, drinking hot chocolate, Dad's breakfast potatoes in the dutch oven and cuddling with my husband in our warm cozy tent when it's freezing outside. Here's a look back at some camping pictures since Chris and I have been married.

This is Diamond Lake. It's a huge beautiful lake.

This is Mt. Theilson which I hiked with my Dad in 2009. Scariest hike of my life.

This is also 2009, Chris and I at Crater lake (which is 20 miles from Diamond Lake)

This is last year taking a rest during our waterfall hike. My sister took this pictures when we weren't looking.

This year I will be 23 weeks pregnant during our camping trip. This means no 10 mile hikes for me.It will also mean no wine :( but still plenty of food and hot cocoa.

And next year when we go camping we'll have Margot and she'll be 8-9 months old! Isn't that crazy! I'm sure taking a baby camping will be an adventure but with my family around there will be a lot of help.

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  1. I hoped that was a pic of Campbell. Maybe we should challenge the cousins to post photos of us as kiddos at Campbell. What I wouldn't give for a pic of that day at the pond with the sand turtle. So happy to hear "IT's A GIRL!!!" Congrats