Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rosy Red Lips

This past month has been a time for discovery so to speak. In one month I have found the perfect lip color, the perfect mascara, my new favorite television show, the most amazing pair of black pumps, and one hilarious author. Quite a productive month wouldn't you say???!!!

I adore makeup especially lip color and eye shadow. I have long been a fan of red lipstick but it definitely has it's challenges. While generally red looks great with my skin tone I have be very careful that the shade is just right. And since I work in a very traditional professional setting I have to be careful that my red lipstick isn't too much for day to day meetings and such. Lately I have had a really hard time striking the right balance with my lip color and so in an exasperated mood one day at target I grabbed a bunch of different reddish lip color to try. I now have three amazing products to report!

1. For a classic red matte I highly recommend Sonia Kashuk Sheer Rosebud luxury lip color. It's a great shade. For a long lasting color I recommend applying, dusting your lips with face powder, applying a second time and then blotting. The blotting tones it down just enough to give that classic matte look. it's very 1950's and classic. Yet, it isn't to dark for everyday.

2. Jemma Kidd High Shine silk lip gloss is the perfect red lip gloss. It's a vibrant fun color perfect for Friday night. It lasts a long time and it isn't sticky or too thick. I chose the color rose and have been very pleased.

3. By far the greatest find of the month and perhaps the year is this product, Maybelline New York color sensation lip stain in cherry pop. This stuff is amazing. It looks like a marker. The pointy tip is ideal for outlining your lips. It's a nice light red distinct yet subtle. Once on it stays for a very long time. I have worn this everyday since I got it. Sometimes by itself but more often underneath one aforementioned. Last night I went out wearing the lip stain under the lip gloss, had dinner and dessert, came home late, didn't wash off my makeup and woke up with cherry red lips. It's perfect for work because I can go all day without touching up my lipstick. It even lasts through meals and kissing!

How about you? Any sensation make up finds lately?

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