Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just Wait a Little Bit Longer

I love changing seasons. It is one of the perks of living in the Pacific Northwest, we have beautiful seasons without the horrid snow! I also love holidays. But what I do NOT love is when people decide Christmas starts after Halloween! This is a horrible trend that seems to get worse every year. Fall is a beautiful time and time that should be enjoyed it its fullest until Thanksgiving. Playing Christmas songs in October/November, decorating the mall before Halloween and watching Christmas movies outside of Christmas time ruins the actual Christmas time. Christmas is a wonderful time and its worth waiting for. One of my favorite childhood memories was on Thanksgiving. As soon as everyone was done eating dinner my Mom and Aunts would put on Christmas albums and sing along while doing the dishes. This was always the official start to the season. The following day we could once again re-enter the mall to enjoy Christmas decorations, drink peppermint hot chocolate, and most exciting of all the special box full of Christmas books and movies came out for the season. Here's to waiting another week for a joyous holiday season to begin!


  1. I think Christmas starts way too early, too. I've been getting some new Christmas things to decorate with, but they've been on sale. I won't put anything up until December because that's when we get back from Thanksgiving!

  2. This year is different for me. The baby's due on Dec. 18th, and so, anticipating the possibility of our holidays being shifted around with the changes of getting used to a newborn's sleep/wake schedule, I'm starting early, getting gifts together, and yes, I admit it, listening to Christmas music off & on. (Sufjan Stevens's Christmas album is great because it doesn't just have Christmas songs, but also some hymns thrown in...when you're ready to listen to Christmas music!) BUT I LOVE THANKSGIVING & could never throw out autumn before its time. All that gaudy decorating could wait till after Thanksgiving in my opinion, however!