Friday, November 19, 2010

Behind the Times

I am sooo behind the times. Unfortunately this is a trend. I discovered the Gap at least 6 months after the other 6th graders. I didn't "fall in love" with Leonardo DiCaprio until months after other girls because I didn't see Romeo and Juliet until it was on video. And, I just discovered Gossip Girl! Obviously I have heard of Gossip Girl. I don't live underneath a rock. But finally, a few weeks ago, I watched the first season. I'm so sad I have missed out for so long, yet so excited to have finally caught up. I love the clothes. I love Blake Lively's hair. I love Serena's character. I love the make up. I kinda love Chuck. I do not love Dan. I do however love Nate and his preppy good looks. And again, I love the clothes! This is perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing show I have ever watched. I am looking forward to watching the second season.

I also just discovered Jen Lancaster. I am reading Bitter is the New Black and laughing out loud. "Drunken PR monkeys", "Those who don't believe in capitalism haven't experienced shoe shopping at Nordstroms". It is hilarious!

I also recently discovered Diorshow mascara. As promised it is wonderful. I will never buy Cover Girl again. Yes its a little spendy but it's worth every penny.

What have you discovered lately?

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