Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This time tomorrow...

This time tomorrow I will be leaving work for what is promised to be a great but exhausting weekend. Not only is Mr. P finishing law school and celebrating, but we are moving into our dear house, competing in Beans and Weenies 2010, throwing a good bye dinner for good friends and managing to be at church on time Sunday morning. It is one of those weeks where you simply can't wait for the other side. Last night as Jessica helped me pack my kitchen, and Mr. P did some reading and planning for our garden, we continually reminded ourselves that this time next week we will all be in our new home.

As we get closer to moving we all are becoming more excited for our house and our new living arrangements. Mr. P talks about the garden more and more while Jessica and I have spent hours discussing food, cleaning schedules, arrangement of furniture and how to track down an antique liqueur cabinet. I think Jessica summed it up best in her blog post, Embarking.


  1. I hope the moving went well! So exciting. I am really looking forwards to seeing you and Mr. P and your new place!