Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Change of Address

The move is over and we survived. Moving two household into one is a sight to behold. Our kitchen and dining room was a terrifying mountain of boxes. However, it is starting to come together. My hope is that things are pretty much arranged by Friday night when Mr. P's family comes in to town for graduation.

So far our new living arrangements have been truly delightful. The work, stress and exhaustion is shared, which makes it somehow less daunting, as is the excitement and joy. Our new house is truly beautiful. There are trees all around it. Four or five different flowers are in bloom just waiting to make beautiful table bouquets. And there is such a peace in looking out the kitchen window to a lawn and trees rather than a parking lot with cars. I am overwhelmed with how beautiful Oregon is in the spring.

Mr. P and Mr. Wilson have been busying themselves with household projects as Mrs. Wilson and I have bustled about organizing the kitchen, decorating our bathroom and cooking. My book shelf is stained and ready to be put up and Adirondack chairs are being assembled for the front porch. I will try to share pictures next week.


  1. I'm so happy that things worked out! Enjoy your new house!

  2. Welcome home! I am so glad it is working so well for you.