Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh Spring...where are you?

While parts of the country are dealing with 90 degree temperatures, here in the Pacific Northwest Spring seems to have lost its way. The past week and a half have seen rain, rain and more rain paired with temperatures in the high 50's. Sunday night it reached a low of 36 degrees. We should be enjoying warm evenings on our new front porch, digging up our garden beds, grilling and digging shorts out of hiding. Instead we have donned wool sweaters, made lots of soup and huddled in front of the wood stove drinking tea.

Despite a long day and torrents of rain there was a taste of spring awaiting me in our kitchen last night. Jessica prepared Spring Risotto with Peas and zucchini and it was delicious! It was the perfect touch of spring for Oregon's rainy may days. Warm and cozy as the best risotto is, it was full of bright spring flavors and rich with homemade chicken stock. Paired with a salad it was the perfect, simply spring dinner both nourishing and yummy.

*photo from Martha Stewart Everyday food, found here.


  1. Inspired by your post, because I feel the same about this weather, I have written a "Pathetic Poem" on my blog. At least we have food and a fire!

  2. Not to rub it in, but I can't imagine it being that cold. Especially now. In fact, I just got back from floating the river (swimsuits, tan lines, sweat, and sunscreen). Here in Houston, yes, we are in the super sunny and humid 90s+.

    You might envy that now, but wait a few weeks until we're in the 100s+, and with our humidity being on the Gulf, you get heatstroke quite easily, and the reports roll in of kids and homeless dying from heat.

    If only we could transfer heat to at least get y'all in the (tolerable) 50s and cool us down to the (also tolerable) 70s? : )