Wednesday, September 30, 2009

These boots are made for walkin'

I have meant to blog 5 days now without actually doing it. Don’t you hate that, when your "To Do" list is glaring at you for days before you get around to accomplishing anything. I blame work. The last two weeks I have had so many late nights, early mornings, and working lunches there’s been so little time. Anyway, I’m carving out a morning break between reports to blog. This is also my breakfast break (it’s one of those early mornings) and I am eating peanut butter and apple at my desk. I mentioned a while ago my new found love of peanut butter. Well, it’s still alive and kicking. I thought it would be a phase a week or two and then I’d tire of it. But no, I still want peanut butter all the time! Mr. P thinks this is very weird. He is always telling me to tell my Dr. about it and that no one should want to eat peanut butter as much as I do. However, I think I have figured out what is behind my constant craving for peanut butter, and no, I’m not pregnant. Rather, I think it’s because I gave up sugar and without sugar to snack on and crave I have turned to peanut butter. Makes sense doesn’t it? Especially when you think of all the dessert/candies associated with peanut butter: chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing, peanut butter cookies, and the extensive Reese's products. The upside is that I almost never want sugar anymore. I did have a slight pang when I they served chocolate cream pie at my meeting last night but I was able to suppress it and move on. Coffee is a whole different matter. I still really want coffee, although not everyday. Most days I'm okay without coffee especially when I wake up but mid-morning, afternoon, lazy weekend mornings (not that I have had any of those lately) and coffee with friends those are the times I really want coffee. It's lucky I have so much will power or I'm pretty sure I would fail time and time again.

Fall weather has finally arrived here. Yesterday it rained and I was in heaven. I actually love rain, which is good considering that I live in one of the rainiest places in the country. Second only to Seattle, rain is forecasted here most days from October through May. It never snows which is good because while I love rain I hate snow. The first rain of the fall is always so nice because it transforms everything. After it rains it just starts to smell clean and fresh and like autumn. Plus rain means some of my favorite wardrobe pieces can come out of hiding. Fall is full of great go to outfits for me. An array of long sleeve cardigans, scarves, black leather boots with small heel, wool skirts, and jackets. What are your fall wardrobe favorites?

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