Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall Decorations

It’s finally starting to feel like fall here in the Pacific Northwest. The last couple of days we had ridiculous 90 degree weather but today it is a beautiful 75 and overcast. I woke up to a cool house and had to grab a sweatshirt and close the windows. The chill in the air made my piping hot morning tea so much more delightful!

With fall weather rolling in I’m finally feeling ready to get out some fall decorations. Last year I bought a Harvest wreath at TJ MAXX as well as a few table cloths in warm fall colors. So this weekend I’m going to put my wreath on the door and get out my warm table clothes. I’m also going to go to the garden store and buy a few mum’s, one as centerpiece for the table and a couple for outside the front door. I’ll also buy a random assortment of little pumpkins to scatter around the bookshelves and coffee table. Lastly, I saw this picture on Good Housekeeping website and I love the pumpkin trees.

We are having our annual pumpkin carving party in a few weeks and I think I’m going to make pumpkin trees for outside my front door.

What are your plans for fall decorations?


  1. I love your little pumpkin idea & might take that. I'm excited to take out our wedding quilt, with autumn-esque colors, which as well as being festive, has the added benefit of being WARM! I think I'll use pressed leaves (I'm crazy about fall leaves) to decorate too. :)

  2. Wow, that is lovely. I just discovered your Blog this morning.... Also am currently doing the Lacto Fermentation thing.... same book. Love it. Good to know someone else is relearning the old ways. Always nice to have someone to share thoughts with. This book is part of my TRIO Bibles... Love your Blog.
    I am also an army brat from way back..... Proud Canadian Amy Brat.