Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh to be a princess

Recently the 10th and final installment of The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot was released. I have been reading The Princess Diaries since the first and second was released back when I was in high school (way before the movie came out). Actually, my younger sister, who at the time was in middle school, first discovered them and we have been reading them and re-reading them together ever since. Thus, with the release of the 10th and final installment here I am reading the entire series with great joy! If you haven’t read these I highly recommend them, as they are hilarious!

They tell the story of Mia Thermopolis, a five foot nine, flat chested, vegetarian, combat boot-wearing freshman at a private high school in Manhattan. The books open with the beginning of Mia’s diary. Due to Mia’s refusal to talk about her feelings with her mother, modern painter and ardent feminist, Helen Thermopolis, her mom gives her the diary.

Through her diary Mia tells us her woes. Not only is she the tallest girl in her class, flat chested, failing algebra, tormented by the cheerleaders and clearly destined to be a social freak, but also her mother has just begun to date her algebra teacher. But what Mia doesn’t yet know, and is about to learn, is that she is the sole heir to a small European country. So begins the Princess Diaries and what follows? Complete hilariousness. I am not exaggerating. These books are so funny you will laugh out loud. In fact beware when reading them in public places because cracking up in public can be a tad bit embarrassing, trust me I speak from experience.

I am enjoying reading them immensely (albeit it may be the 10th or 12th time I’ve read them). Mr. P on the other hand does not understand. Saying he rolled his eyes when I announced my reading plans would be a gross understatement. He has repeatedly stated concerns about what reading 10 of these books will do to my brain. Furthermore, I swear I have caught him glaring at the stack of them on the coffee table since I borrowed them from my sister over the weekend. Sometimes husbands just do not understand.

Mrs. P

P.S. The Princess Diaries books are not to be confused with The Princess Diaries movies made and butchered by Disney. There is NO comparison.

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