Monday, April 27, 2009

A Cooks Delight!

As some of you may know by now, I adore Jamie Oliver. Well…it’s probably more accurate to say I am a little bit obsessed with Jamie Oliver. I can’t help it. I think he is the most brilliant chef in the world. I love everything of his I have ever made, and I’ve made a lot. He makes interesting and creative food that is both delicious and doesn't break your bank. Furthermore, he can make 5 ingrediants into the best pasta you'll ever eat. The man is a food genius! The above pictures are his cook books which I own (believe me I’m on my way to owning all 8 but they aren’t cheap). I have read ever single page of each one of those books. Last Christmas when I got Jamie at Home, I read the entire book that day!!! So clearly I’m a bit obsessed. But before you judge I challenge you to try a Jamie recipe, or pick up a book, or watch an episode, and, I do believe, you will understand how amazing he is. This weekend I made Cous Cous salad with fresh herbs out of The Naked Chef (Jamie’s first book). It was delicious. I was very happy. Thursday I am making pork chops with lemon and fresh pesto for dinner, which I’m looking forward to. I even splurged and bought fresh basil and pine nuts for the occasion.

Jamie is also major inspiration for my gardening. Last year was my first attempt at a garden. But it was a group effort with some friend who knew what they were doing. I have to say it was a little disappointing because I didn’t feel like it was my garden so much as I felt I was helping out with their garden. This year Chris will be gone and my friends moved back East so it truly is my garden. And I am really excited. In Jamie’s last book, Jamie at Home, he organizes the whole book by seasons. Each chapter of the book is about one ingredient or technique from that season. For example, in spring there are chapters on asparagus, lamb, eggs, rhubarb, and peas. In summer there is a chapter on tomatoes and grilling. In autumn there is a chapter on canning, hunting game, and pastry. As think about what to plant in my garden I am really trying to think about what ingredients excite me the most. Right now I’m really excited to grow tomatoes and make homemade catsup. I’m also excited to try and grow fresh herbs. I’ve learned, from Jamie, that chili peppers are a highly under used ingredient than can add the perfect kick to many dishes. Try chili peppers in roasted butternut squash soup—brilliant! So with Jamie and a garden plot I am looking forward to a summer of delicious eating and fun cooking with friend.

Mrs. P

Ps. The most brilliant food you will ever eat: Jamie Oliver’s Sticky Chicken from Jamie at Home. Mr. P and I ate the entire pan in one sitting (the recipes serves like 6!)

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  1. Ah! Is this the notorious sticky chicken recipe you sent me with Yukon gold potatoes? Jamie Oliver sounds amazing; I'll have to look him up.