Saturday, April 25, 2009

My New Lamp

Lately, I have been narrowing down how exactly I want to decorate the bedroom. Even though we’ve been married for 10 months now I still haven’t decorated our apartment. All our furniture is random hand-me-down leftovers from college which makes it hard. Plus, the whole idea of decorating is still pretty new to me. Until Chris and I got married and moved in together I have lived with college roommates and had no surplus money to decorate with. Now, I want to make our home feel more like a home and look nice. We still don’t have a ton of surplus money to decorate with or buy furniture but I’m trying to take baby steps. So I’ve been focusing on the bedroom.

The duvet we got is white with light grayish tan branches and leaves and simple yellow birds. We don’t have bedroom furniture per say. We have a bed with no headboard, an old dresser and two mismatched night stands (both quite old) and a 60’s vanity chair. My plan is to accent the yellow throughout the room. To start with I want to get are a yellow lamp and a yellow quilt or blanket to go at the end of the bed to bring out the yellow birds. I want a lamp that has a yellow ceramic base but a modern shape with a white shade. After two months of eyeing lamps I have found the perfect lamp. The Sonoma yellow bedside table lamp from pottery barn and yesterday I finally bought it! It is gorgeous. I got the smaller size in yellow.

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  1. So sweet lamps!! I love to use lamps as home decor... Usually, got them from Lighting Direct...