Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Parents of three

This weekend we had a little family adventure. We tripled our children for the weekend with the overnight addition of these two, Jed and Matheson. Their parents are close friends of ours and the boys are frequent playmates of Margot. Jed is 3 and Matheson is 21 months. And look at all their hair! Margot is so jealous.
We were pretty nervous about adding to more kids to the mix even if it was only for 28 hours. It was after all 3 kids under the age of 4 and 3 kids in diapers YIKES! But it was a really fun weekend.

First we packed up all three and headed to my families 4th of July BBQ. Then we had a family picnic on the front lawn. Margot figured with two extra kids eating her macaroni she'd better just take it directly from the serving bowl.
Then we just couldn't resist the three kid in the bath moment. I mean come on, could they be any cuter? Oh and kid my kid be an whiter??? Like mother, like daughter.

They even all went to bed at 8 pm with little to no hiccups. And woke up Sunday morning to milk, pancakes and Sesame street before being carted off to church.

There were lots of laughs especially watching Margot with Matheson. She loves him so much and she kept hugging him, touching him, patting his back and jabbering at him. His response was generally a blank stare of "what are you doing?". 

But I will say three kiddos that close in age are no joke. There was one point when both little ones were on my lap and Jed was hugging my legs and all three wanted something at the same time and I thought I might loose it. I also changed 24 diapers in 28 hours and I am NOT kidding. In short here were our take a ways: 
  • We love those James kids and will happily borrow them anytime
  • Thank God my brother was crashing with us for the weekend because that give us a one to one kid to adult ratio which made things a lot easier
  • We want to maintain that ratio so three kids will not be in our future if we have anything to say about it
  • Little kids just love other little kids so much and it's a delight to watch
So thanks James' for sharing the boys with us. Margot was very sad to see them go and she misses her Matheson.

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  1. Thank you Laura, this was very sweet. It was nice to see what the boys did while we were gone! I am glad you all had fun!