Friday, July 19, 2013

brain dump

It has been a rough couple of weeks for me and right now I can't help but feel very deflated...

  • We did close on our old house. hooray for getting one house off our plates.
  • Our closing date for our new house has been delayed 2x. It's been extremely frustrating. We were originally supposed to close this coming Monday and move in on July 27th. Then we were going to close on July 29th but we are now looking at a August 1-5 closing date and a August 10th move in date.
  • All of this stress is apparently more than my body can handle because I've been having horrific migraines and spent most of last weekend in bed. 
  • Nonetheless we are trying to enjoy the extra time with my family, we are temporarily living at my Father and step-mother's house, and have a nice fun summer with Margot
  • Margot LOVES bike rides so there have been lots of those
  • It's Friday and I am so looking forward to a weekend with almost no plans Margot and I are going to start our day sleeping in followed by some much needed retail therapy at Target and there will definitely be a bike ride this weekend, maybe downtown to Sunday streets and ice cream
  • Happy Friday!!!

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