Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Oh where is my hairbrush???

We all know Margot, while blessed with crazy cuteness, a beautiful face, charm, and intelligence, is a little lacking when it comes to hair.

But over the past month the perpetual state of baldness has moved into wisps, some curl and even on occasion some hair sticking straight up:

Obviously we think Margot is perfect as is. But it is fun seeing her future hair start to come in. Because she doesn't have a lot of hair she looks more like a baby and less like a toddler making it harder to imagine what she will look like as a little girl. We also are dying to know what color this mystery hair is going to be??? The few wisps so far appear to be blond/red and I had strawberry blond hair until I was about 5-6 then it started to darken. But my Dad had carrot red hair until he was an adult,  two of my aunts are blond and obviously Chris and I both have dark hair. Until it comes though we'll relish all the cute baby features we can get, bald head included, because before we know it our baby will be long gone and we'll have a full fledged kid on our hands.

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