Saturday, March 2, 2013

A hoppin' saturday night

My darling husband is out of town this weekend at an attorney retreat for his firm. Last night I'd made plans with one of my "besties" to get take out and make martini's. We had a great time. Tonight my grand plan was to balance my check book and do budget stuff--I know...I'm so much fun...Sadly I left my flash drive with my budget spreadsheets in my office so...not so much budgeting will happen tonight.

Usually I am really bad at being home alone. I get bored, then lonely, then I become terrified. Usually I become convinced someone is going to break into the house or that Chris is out in grave danger somewhere. I always assumed I was just slightly unhinged in this regard. But last week Chris' and I were reading our Myers-Briggs personality profiles and this is actually a trait of my personality. I am in ENFJ (extrovert, intuitive, feeling, judging). Apparently only 2% of the population has this personality type. Chris' is the same personality type except he's the extroverted version. And only 1% of the population is his personality type. One of the traits of his personality type is "INFJ's are usually right and they know it...they often don't listen to others". Not even kidding and believe me it's true. We read these a few nights after getting into an argument. We don't often argue but often when we do it usually has to do with a political issue or an issue campaign I'm working on that we don't agree on. Election season is a blast at our house let me tell you.

Since budget fun is off the table for my evening I think I will have to break out my new book. I did end up loosing the vote earlier this week and in my despair wandered into my favorite book store downtown where I persisted to by myself an amazing book on mid century interior design, it's called Atomic Ranch and it's wonderful. So I'm off to obsess about designer furniture and imagine how I'll decorate my dream house.

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