Monday, March 25, 2013

The Art of Self expression

I have lots and lots of fun dressing Margot. I was telling someone recently that besides cooking I feel like my only other hobbies these days are dressing myself and dressing Margot. But as much fun and I have picking out her little outfits I am starting to love watching her pick things out herself. And let me tell you that child already has some opinions. She loves to pick her own shoes and I mostly let her. She also likes to pick her dress for church. I usually get 3-5 weather appropriate options and then let her choose one. And there are days where she is not wearing the item I have selected and so we pick something else. But this weekend...this weekend was the dawn of a new era my friends. The era that I imagine will become known as the tutu era.

Earlier last week I got Margot this tutu skirt at a baby consignment sale. Margot went crazy for it. And as long as she sees it she wants to wear it...end of discussion. She is also very partial to this funny purple and green hand knit sweater. And those ballet pink shoes are another favorite.
Sure she looks rather ridiculous in this get up but she was so proud of it and she walked proudly all of the neighborhood enjoying the sun, the outdoors and I imagine the beaming joy of dressing herself. And after all isn't this an important part of ever childhood.


  1. Laura, you're little girl is so adorable, and getting so grown up! My daughter loves tutus too, and red cowboy boots with. I think when they start deciding what they like and want to wear is just the best- -self-expression in its truest form! :)

  2. Yes it is! And it will serve you well later to embrace it and not try to fight it. We let Georgia pick out her outfits for school so that we can get dressed in the morning in 15 minutes as opposed to 25. Every outfit consists of leggings, a skirt, long sleeve top with a tank or short sleeve on top and zebra striped rain boots. Some days she has 4 stripe patterns and some days 2 with polka dots. Girls are fun. I love seeing the joy of a child who expresses themselves and doesn't care what the world thinks.