Thursday, October 13, 2011


I am feeling very random and restless this thursday afternoon.

-Tomorrow I am 32 weeks pregnant. This means we are just 4 weeks away from the "safe" point of the pregnancy. Right now I'm guessing we are about 6 weeks from Margot's arrival. I have a feeling she'll be about two weeks early--although its' just a feeling--who knows.

-I have been on bed rest for alomst a whole month.

-It's weird to watch seasons change primarily from the windows. I do get to leave the house but not very often.

-I have been watching a lot of Julia Child lately. Chris got the French Chef shows for me from the library. They are excellent. I've also been watching a lot of Good Eats because I heart Alton Brown--he's hilarious.

-The downside to watching cooking shows is I am inspired to cook something and can't. I miss cooking and can't wait to have my kitchen back.

-What else have I been doing?

Reading: Great with Child, on Becoming a Mother by Debra Rienstra. I am almost done with this book and have really been enjoying it. The Princess Diaries books (again). I just love these books they are mindless and hilarious in the best way. What to Expect the First year, now that we are so close to actually bringing a baby home I've been getting a little panicky about how to take care of her. So I've been reading on infant care. I'm sure it's irrational pregnancy hormones talking but I will become convinced at 4am that I'm going to incapable of taking care of our baby. I also try to read to Margot every day. Usually I read the bible or a children's book. I just finished reading the Mother west wind stories to her.

Watching TV: I try not to watch too much TV but you can't read all day long as much as you may enjoy it. Besides Julia Child and Alton Brown I also have been watching Glee, Cheers and we just finished the first season of Modern Family.

Cross stitching: I'm still working away at my baby sampler for the nursery. I don't even want to think about how many hours this thing has or will take me before I'm done. This however is really the only thing I can do to satisfy my nesting instincts so it's good.

Knitting and listening to the radio: Most days I listen to all things considered on NPR while knitting. Sometimes I listen to NPR other times too.

- I am very excited for this weekend because Lauren is coming for my shower and is going to stay with me and Chris parents are also coming to town. Saturday I'm having a baby shower thrown by my dear friend Jessica and I actually get to leave the house and see people!!!!

Happy Weekend:)


  1. I am soooo excited to come (and to ride the train- to think I used to not like the train...) Your cross stitch sounds fun. Also you might like Ugly Betty I just started watching it and it is lighthearted and fun - kinda like Glee only + fashion.

  2. Hope you have a lovely weekend, Laura!