Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday Randomness

I'm drinking chicken broth at my office. I love homemade chicken broth and it makes such a nice snack.

Our office is freezing. I HATE air conditioning. I swear we air condition buildings to be comfortable for grown men in wool suits.

I'm taking a break from baby/pregnancy books to read this book:

It's really interesting.

Chris and I are learning about parenting via the Cosby show. I am not kidding. It's great. It's so funny and it starts all of these conversations between us on how we would deal with ____situation. As always we are checking it out from the library.

This weekend is our last weekend at home for for the rest of the month. Next weekend we are going to the coast with Chris' family, the following weekend my family is having a family reunion in Klamath Falls and the weekend after that is our church camping trip.

We are slowly making yard progress. Our yard was a little out of control when we bought our house and 2 months of rain didn't help matters much. We finally got our hand me down lawn mower started. Our next step is to weed and feed the yard and continue the round up and weeding.

Well that's what's on my mind this Thursday. Happy almost weekend--

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  1. Parenting lessons from the Cosbys! Yes, I can see how.