Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Monday

We had a great weekend in Klamath Falls for a Family reunion. It was so fun to see all of my extended family. I grew up camping with this side of the family and was able to reminisce with my cousins about all our adventures. One of my cousins just had a baby who was 11 days old on Friday. I was able to hold him and he was so tiny, 6.9lbs. It was amazing to hold such a tiny baby. He just sort of melted into your arms. It was also crazy to think that in 4 months a baby that size will be inside me! Craziness!

We are two days away from our ultrasound and I can hardly wait. Chris and I both think it's a girl but as somebody pointed out that's even more reason for it to be a boy. Soon we shall see.

We finished sanding the dresser for the baby's room and will be painting it this week. Then later this week we can go pick up nursery paint. I am getting bigger by the day and it's motivating me to get projects done early. I do not want to be scrambling to finish up when I'm 8.5 months pregnant.

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  1. So excited to hear whether you're having a little boy or a little girl! And it sounds like your nursery is going to be perfect! So fun =)